Smartphone cases are now fashion accessories that can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your iPhone or Galaxy smartphone. The process is simple and there are no rules about what customization you should add to your device. The sky's the limit here, so let's get started! Here are some tips from Wudgrip that can help keep your smartphone looking new and well protected.

Get a case

Many new smartphone users are confused as to why an individual might want to get a case. However, do you have so much money invested in your smartphone that you can just let it walk away? Smartphones are expensive nowadays and getting a case can offer your phone protection from the bumps and bruises of everyday life.

If you don't have a case, it may not seem like a big deal if you drop your phone. But if your phone does fall it will most likely become cracked or dented. Getting a case for your smartphone can preserve the appearance of your phone and help you prevent injury if you do drop it.

Smartphone cases can help protect you phone from accidental falls, scrapes, and scratches. A great case will both protect your smartphone and make it feel better in your hand. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a smartphone case. In this post, we'll go over 4 tips to help you find a great case for your smartphone.

Smartphones are pretty cool. These little devices allow us to be connected to the world, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. But there is a downside, being that these smartphones can get broken – and once they do they can be pretty hard and expensive to fix. To avoid this problem you should probably keep your phone protected in a case.

Protect your screen

It’s a sad truth of the digital age we live in today, one that we are all too aware of. Our smartphones and their screens get smudged up, cracked and beaten up — easily. And if you’re like me, you were planning to do something about that modern-day scourge called “screen scratches” until you came upon these four tips to keep your smartphone screen looking new.

Screens on smartphones usually look clear and new when we buy them. Sadly, the clarity of our smartphone's screen doesn't last long. We don't know how and when did it happen, but before we know it, there are several scratches on the screen.

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your smartphone and you want to protect it right? You may be wondering why you should spend money protecting a device. Recouping the cost of replacing a broken screen or other damage is certainly a reason, but that’s not the only one. protecting your brand new smartphone will also improve resale value and make using it that much more enjoyable.

Avoid water

Water damages your phone. You already know this! The impact that a little water can have on your smartphone is just mind boggling. Media and test have led you to believe that you can bring your smartphone in the shower. But they are all wrong, because now you know how to avoid water on your phone.

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix. But what we forget is the liquids around us can also be a threat to our smartphones. Things like rain, pools or even the sweating produced by an intense workout could all have a negative effect on your phone, especially if you aren’t careful about how you handle it.

We all make mistakes and sometimes smartphones get dropped. It happens. Even a little bit of moisture can ruin your phone, wiping out its memory and leaving it completely useless. In addition, a water damaged smartphone could be a fire hazard. The best way to protect a phone from water damage is to avoid getting it wet in the first place.

Keep it clean

The smartphone has become an extension of ourselves, hence the need to keep them neat and clean. The first thing that comes to mind when you take a look at your phone is the lens. Your mobile's camera is one of its most important features, leaving you with no option but to keep it perfectly clear and clean.

Screen protectors don’t always get the respect they deserve. Sure, some will say that bubble free screen protectors just make your phone look ugly and cheap, but with a decent quality screen protector, you’re actually keeping your screen in much better condition and helping it last longer. The number one cause of scratched screens and broken glass is placing items on top of phone with a screen protector. With this in mind, read our review article to help you choose the best screen protector available today.

If you love your iPhone then it’s a good habit to clean it regularly. But many people are still facing iPhone charging issues after cleaning it. It doesn’t matter what kind of cleaner or wipe you use because that won't help you resolve the issue. There is only one way to fix the charging port problem and that is by cleaning the charging port and replacing some parts.

Over the past few months, I have seen a lot of people ask about ways to keep there phone clean. Many of them say they wipe their phones with cleaner often, but that never seems to take care of it. If cleaning your phone does not seem to completely get rid of small particles or smudges on its screen, there are other ways you can keep your phone germ-free as well as clean.